D cup and up swimwear: A buyer’s guide

D cup and up swimwear: A buyer’s guide

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D Cup and Up Swimwear

What to look for in a D cup and up bikini

Finding D cup and up swimwear that fits to perfection can be a real struggle. As wonderful as it is to be endowed with a plus size bust, even shopping for d cup swimwear can be challenging enough, let alone having to look for bikini tops above this size.

Women with large cup size busts, point out that the actual problem with finding D cup and up swimwear that fit, is the bust. Most D cup bikinis and DD bikini tops just do not offer the support large bust women want. And of course for women above this range, the problem gets even worse.

There are however a few things that you can look out for in plus size swimwear, which will save you time, and money off your shopping list.

To narrow down your search look for the following features in your next D cup and up bikini: 

Bra Size bikini

Begin your search by looking for bikini tops that come in bra cup sizes. Bra sized swimwear will more likely provide the better coverage you require because these swim tops have been designed especially for a particular bust size – much like a bra. 

Underwire Support

For added support, select bikinis that have an underwire. A well-designed swimsuit needs to be able to take the extra weight of a bigger bust. The most practical design feature is the use of a concealed underwire below the cup. Underwire bikini tops have the added benefit of lifting and helping give shape to the breast, so underwire in D plus swimwear is an absolute must 

Adjustability Features

Every woman’s bust size and shape is different. For that reason, every woman should be able to adjust the look and feel of the bikini top to fit her body just the way she wants. Look for adjustability features such as halter ties and tie-up bands. Halter neck bikini tops allow women to pull and lift the breast for best shape and feel. In D plus swimwear, bands that tie at the back help give additional support to the bikini top as well as add to the shape and attractiveness of the swimsuit, giving every woman the freedom and look that she should expect from a bikini.

Lastly, choose high quality swimwear so you can be sure it will last and that it will look great always. You deserve it; because size shouldn’t matter when it comes to coverage, support and comfort.


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