We love it when we hear back from you about your experiences with Seatop and with your purchase.

Here's a taster of the wonderful comments we get back from our customers.


Caroline, LA

I love my new Seatop bikini top! Finally a bikini top that has it all. Exactly what I was looking for!


Kimberly, Atlanta

I absolutely adore my new Seatop bikini top.


Shannon, LA

My new Seatop swimtop is exactly what I needed. I can be free and feel secure at the beach and I don't worry that something might 'pop' out.


Amy, Florida

It's just so comfortable and pretty! I love the adjustability features; it fits perfectly! I bought it in the blue and I'm just about to buy the black. 


Kristie, New York

I love it! It fits so well! No 'spillage'. 


Sarah, London, UK

I bought it for my recent holiday to Portugal. I basically lived in it for 5 days!


Michelle, Gold Coast, Australia

Perfect fit! The fabric is gorgeous...Seatop all the way, thanks guys! 


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