Bikinis for Bigger Busts

Bikinis for Bigger Busts

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Seatop Bikini Top

Buying bikinis for bigger busts: A drag no more!

With spring just a few weeks away you’ve probably started to think about summer already. Chances are you’re wondering about the summer holiday period and where you are going to spend it this year. You may have even had a few sneaky looks already at your favorite holiday packages app or website.

As you clicked through pages of enticing beach destination in the Caribbean, the Tropics or the Mediterranean a small seedling of a thought begins to creep in: I need to buy a new swimsuit!

Now buying a new swimsuit for the summer can be annoying for all women. Finding the perfect fit in swimwear is an exercise in patience to say the least; especially if you are shopping for bikinis and bikini tops. Even then, nothing compares to the frustration of trying to find bikinis for bigger busts. Full coverage bikini tops that also look hot are almost mythical; proverbial unicorns that you have always wanted but never been able to find. You won’t give up the search however, unicorn or not, the hunt must continue.

If you are like me, you’ll no doubt turn to the pages of the internet once again and you’ll try the forums and the discussion portals searching for answers to the question: what are the newest and best swimsuits for large bust size ladies.

On the forums, you’ll read the comments; and will follow up on some of the leads and recommendations of your fellow plus size bikini top warriors. You’ll visit the suggested websites and spend time flicking through catalogs of bikinis for bigger busts. Some of the suggestions will seem promising, others just look to be the same run of the mill unattractive d-k cup swimwear you’ve seen, tried, and can tell, will simply not fit.

Speaking from personal experience, flicking though pages and pages of bikinis for bigger busts leads so often to disappointment that you almost give up in your search for supportive swimwear even before spring has arrived!

A demoralizing exercise indeed!

But not so fast; this year there is a change in the air.

With the launch of the Seatop Bikini Top your search for full coverage bikini tops will have an exciting result. – for once.

The Seatop Bikini Top is truly a revolution in bikini tops for women with D-K cup size bust. The top is fully supportive, comfortable, adjustable, and best of all, it looks hot!

We spent time researching what women thought would be the best swimsuits for large bust sizes. We asked women – women like you - directly on forums and chat rooms about what they considered to be the ideal fit and we balanced these notes against the need for an attractive bikini top design.

The Seatop Bikini Top is revolutionary in that sense; it is the first time looks and fit have been successfully reconciled in a bikini top design. Our first clients are telling us they absolutely love it; we are confident all women with large cup sizes will find it the perfect bikini top and we know that Seatop will be their first port of call from now on.

Far from it being a drag, Seatop has just made purchasing bikinis for large busts, an absolute breeze and delight.

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