No More 'Quad Boob'

No More 'Quad Boob'

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Seatop Bikini Top

The Seatop Bikini Top: A swimsuit top for the big busted

(or how to abolish 'quad boob' once and for all)

We've all been there ladies, we all know the utter frustration at not being able to find a swimsuit top that fits. 

If you have a big bust and are shopping for a new bathing suit, one of two things will possibly happen:

The first.

You will find a gorgeous stylish design that you think will look great and is just exactly your color. You will flick through to locate your size...but then...there you have it again...

This gorgeous number is not available in your size. 

That's okay, you've been here before. You decide to try the biggest size they have available just in case. You select it, you put it on it and

Oh...but there it. The 'quad boob'. As the rolls of flesh spill out from the top, bottom and sides, you wonder why you even tried.

The second. (Actually, often follows the first).

You will do the smart thing and select a large bust bikini top, the one that actually has your breast cup size. (It doesn't matter that there are meters of material involved. It doesn't matter that it looks more like back brace).

You try it on.

And! Just no.

You are not a horse, you don't look good in a harness. And paisley is just plain wrong for the beach. Why would someone do that anyway??


Yes, the story is a familiar one. Many women with big busts rightly wonder: why can't I have my cake and eat it too? Why can't I find a stylish, pretty bikini top that fits well, is supportive and gives me the freedom to move without fearing that something is going to fall out?

Well, now, you can.

Our recently introduced, fully adjustable Seatop bikini top, is the answer to the problems many big busted women experience when shopping for a swimsuit top.

The back ties and halter neck straps on the Seatop let you adjust the bikini top so it looks just right in shape, while at the same time, the help support the bust. The underwire at the base of the cup takes the load of a heavier breast so you don't have to. And importantly, the swimsuit top has a nice stylish cut and comes in 6 attractive colors that you can easily match with bathing bottoms of choice.

There you have it, no more 'quad boob'.

Have your cake and eat it too.

Visit the shop for your very own Seatop.


Not sure which size you should buy?

Visit the size guide to find your perfect fit.

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