Introducing the Seatop Bikini Top: A first in Plus Size Bikini Tops

Introducing the Seatop Bikini Top: A first in Plus Size Bikini Tops

Posted by Inbal Ben Moshe on

The wait is finally over; we are live!

And we are delighted to bring you our revolutionary Seatop Bikini Top

The Seatop Bikini Top is a design patent halter swim top that is set to revolutionize the way women in the D-K cup size range shop for large bust swimwear.

The top is packed with features that make it truly innovative. We have spent a great deal of time researching and developing our idea in an effort to bring you a swimsuit top that will fit perfectly and make you look cute, hot and sexy at the beach and at your next pool party.

Plus size bikini tops can often be unattractive. In trying to strike the balance between looks, comfort and functionality, designers err on the safe side and often end up with bulky numbers that have lots of material and very little by way of looks.

We’ve countered this in our design.

The Seatop Bikini Top is everything you always wanted in large bust swimwear. It is fully adjustable at the back, cup and neck giving you total control to pull, lift and shape your bust for optimal comfort and coverage, and maximum appeal. The top’s supportiveness has been boosted through inclusion of an underwire, making it the ultimate underwire bikini top. Its strength and robustness has been bolstered through the use of double loop halter cord.

Strength, coverage, comfort and smashing good looks available in 6 vibrant summer colors just in time for Spring.

Shopping for plus size bikini tops will now be fun a change.

Visit the website to find out more about this revolutionary design and place your order before things start heating up!

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