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Plus Size Bikini | Seatop

Seatop Bikini Top

What is the Seatop Bikini Top?

The Seatop Bikini Top is many things: the culmination of loads of research, a clever design patent pending cup size swim top, the answer to a problem, the dream of many, perhaps. Simply put though, it is a plus size bikini top, perfectly designed for women with D-K cup size busts.

Seatop Bikini Top

The problem's in the bust

Most of the time when women with larger cup sizes complain about not being able to find plus size bathing suits that fit, the issue is in the top. It just doesn't sit right. And if you are a lover of pretty bikinis, the issues get worse. Much, much worse.

A Plus Size Bikini for when Plus size bathing suits don't fit

Women in the D, D+ and up cup range complain about the difficulty in locating youthful, sexy, bikini top designs in the marketplace. What they find instead is a multitude of uninspiring pieces that let's face it, look more like Medieval contraptions rather than plus size bikini tops. Sure, they may fit right (sometimes), but who wants to wear them?

If they don't go for one of those options, women are left with the other choice: a bikini top that may look great, but doesn't quite fit, given their large bust size.

Why is this the case? Why the lack of range in plus size bikini tops?

Bikini top designers have just not been able to get the physics right. They haven't figured out how to create a slimming attractive bikini top design that also provides D-K cup size women the support, comfort and freedom they deserve poolside or by the beach. 

Well that is until now. Until the Seatop Bikini Top, which has been perfectly designed as a solution to the physics problem.

And how did we get there?

We asked real women and listened to what they had to say. We asked women what they needed in a cute plus size bikini. What they told was enlightening. They said they needed two things in a plus size bikini top: the coverage, comfort and freedom one finds in a D+ cup bra and the look and design of a trendy bikini top. 

In other words they wanted a bikini that was as comfortable as a bra but was pretty and sexy to wear. 

This then was our creative brief.

The next phase was research. Lots of it until we came up with the perfect balance of features to solve our creative brief.

Peak over to our Special Design page to see Seatop Bikini Top's innovative design features (aka how we solved the problem).